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Marriott Bonvoy serve an ace with in-game Tennis Clash activation

November 18, 2021

Marriott Bonvoy’s ads were brought to life in-game in a way designed to deliver high levels of attention and brand awareness – whilst respecting the playing experience. Their in-game branding was featured across 23 games, covering stadium and racetrack takeovers, custom vehicle wraps, unique character skins and social media amplification from some of the world’s biggest gaming franchises. Bidstack delivered these ads directly into the gameplay in titles such as Tennis Clash, Football Manager 2021, Dirt 5, Rezzil Player 21 and Top Eleven.


Tennis Clash is a leading multiplayer tennis mobile game published by Wildlife Studios. The fast-paced gameplay, supported by custom intuitive controls recreates the real-world tennis match-day experience, enabling audiences to compete in global competitions for coveted titles. Marriott Bonvoy’s campaign with Tennis Clash saw the delivery of a range of branded in-game assets, including custom tennis rackets, character clothing and themed court environments.


Watch a preview of the campaign in the video above to learn more!