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Digiday Gaming Advertising Forum – How programmatic technology is helping brands scale impactful experiences in gaming

May 20, 2022

Bidstack’s VP of Agency Sales Adam Fisher, hosted a session at the Digiday Gaming Advertising Forum alongside Jason Brickell, Associate Director, Programmatic Product & Innovation at Xaxis.

The session, ‘How Programmatic Technology is Helping Brands Scale Impactful Experiences in Gaming’, took a look at the significance of authenticity for brands in gaming environments and unpacked how advertisers can marry efficiency with activations that are designed to be a seamless part of the playing experience.

Adam appeared alongside Jason Brickell (Associate Director, Programmatic Product & Innovation at Xaxis) who shared insights on the different ways that brands can activate in-game, how to drive efficiency and the kind of scale that is possible in the medium through programmatic campaigns.

To discover more you can check the session out above.