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Campaign Asia Game Changers – Myth busting in-game advertising with Bidstack

November 18, 2021

Campaign Asia – Game Changers Event – 18th November 2021

Gaming and esports are bigger than ever and they continue to influence both culture and entertainment in a profound and tangible way. The blurring of the lines between the converging worlds of gaming, television, film, sports and fashion is very real and continuously growing.

The gaming industry is bigger than the film and music industry’s combined and has grown even further as a result of global covid restrictions. It is now estimated that 81% of Gen Z, 77% of Millennials, 60% of Gen X and 42% of Baby Boomers play video games on smartphones, gaming consoles and PCs on a weekly basis.

For brands, the growth of gaming offers a new and unique touchpoint where they can reach target audiences, with leading advertising agencies such as Publicis, Dentsu Aegis, MiQ and Mediacom having launched dedicated gaming divisions to capitalise on the gaming trend.

Some brands though remain cautious, put off by myths about gamers and a lack of understanding around the different ways to activate their brand within the gaming space.

In this session, Yasin Dabhelia tackles three key myths around measurement and reporting, gaming audience attitudes and the types of brands that can effectively advertise in gaming environments.

Watch the full session above to learn more!