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Toolbox Marketing: Q&A: Bidstack’s CEO talks on making authentic in-game ads to improve user experience

October 20, 2020

Toolbox Marketing’s Neha Pradhan interviewed Bidstack’s CEO, James Draper about improving the gaming experience through the use of authentic in-game ads.

Mobile gaming is touted to be one of the hottest channels for advertising. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed marketers to look at places where the audience is spending their time most. James Draper, CEO, Bidstack, walks us through the world of in-game, native, and programmatic advertising tech. He discusses how brands can achieve success with programmatic in-game ad campaigns.

In this edition of MarTalk Buzz, Draper shares why forward-thinking brands can look at in-game ads for higher engagement rates. He also dives deep and answers how brand ads can feel more authentic and improve user experience when placed in a game.

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