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TheGamingEconomy: The Video Games Industry on Coronavirus

April 16, 2020

TheGamingEconomy spoke to several industry leaders from gaming and advertising, including Bidstack’s CEO, James Draper, on the impact gaming has experience since the outbreak.

Like the vast majority of industries across the globe, the ongoing outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus has had a monumental impact upon the video games sector. TheGamingEconomy has invited thought leaders from across gaming to share their insight on the opportunities, and challenges, the industry faces, and what the long-term reverberations may entail.

Virtually crisis-proof

Gaming and esports have demonstrated during the pandemic that it is an important form of entertainment that is virtually crisis-proof. With approximately 37 million gamers already in the UK, time spent on video games across all ages has increased by 24% since restrictions were put in place. Even the UK Government has recognised the power of gaming as a ‘creative, targeted, and immediate’ tool, with developers sharing vital ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ messaging in high profile games such as Codemasters’ DiRT Rally 2.0.

We’ve also seen audience interest rise with Twitch viewership surpassing three billion hours watched during lockdown as social distancing pushes esports into the mainstream. This wider audience will likely stick with the new habits they have formed in the longer term, as they recognise that gaming can be as exciting as more traditional sports. – James Draper, CEO, Bidstack.

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