In the press Monetizer Mavens on what went wrong for Mario Kart Tour

October 9, 2019

Rob Dagwell of the Bidstack’s Commercial Development Team recently spoke to PocketGamer.Biz to talk about Mario Kart Tour and how the current monetization strategy sat with the industry.

If you have the opportunity to bring a game to one of the most popular platforms in the world without disrupting or with little negative impact to the overall gaming experience, then why wouldn’t you?

It’s true that there are certain games that you can’t repurpose for portable devices because of the mechanics of the games and general experience. However for Nintendo games, this makes sense.

If you look at Super Mario Run, the game play was just as good on mobile as it was on Nintendo DS.

With nostalgia comes expectation and the level of expectation gamers had for Mario Kart and Super Mario was set by Nintendo. So it’s really Nintendo’s fault for setting the bar so high in the first place.

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