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ExchangeWire: Advertising Vs Coronavirus: Part One – Ad Tech

March 26, 2020

Lewis Hadley, Head of Insights and Digital Marketing, spoke to ExchangeWire about the gaming trends that have arisen since COVID-19 broke out globally.

Surges in gaming offers a new avenue for brands

The general public are being encouraged to self-isolate and work from home in a number of areas at the moment and many of them are turning to gaming as they are kept indoors. Gaming has seen a massive surge in user numbers in the affected areas so far and for many it has had a positive effect during what is a difficult time. It has certainly had a hand in breaking social isolation through communication between gamers who are playing online with friends and watching their favourite streamers on services like Twitch. Gamers are even donating their computing power for researching diseases – including the Coronavirus – to Stanford University.

With audience needs and behaviours evolving as people adapt to the new restrictions, gaming is emerging as an alternative for brands to reach consumers and get their messages across in-game. I think we will see more collaborations between brands and the gaming industry. Advertisers will be on the lookout for new ways to interact with a growing and engaged audience that have become difficult to reach through many of the traditional channels.

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