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CNBC: Here’s how our digital lives might look in a post-pandemic world

April 14, 2020

Bidstack CEO, James Draper, was asked by CNBC’s Lucy Handley on how our post COVID-19 lives will change and what our digital lives might look like.

As millions get used to the new normal of lockdown life, our digital lives may never be the same again.

From video conference calls with family, watching as kids learn via online education to streaming online workouts, lots of things have changed — and post-pandemic, some of these habits are likely to stick.

“We just assumed that certain services in our society and our economy were provided in-person and required co-location. And I think those assumptions are now radically being challenged,” according to Carsten Wierwille, CEO of digital product developer Ustwo, who spoke to CNBC by phone.

People can expect better service from businesses that have had to hone online customer experience, improve digital entertainment and create easier ways to buy big-ticket items — but on the flipside, we might also become less protective of our personal data, according to some experts.

Gaming, especially esports, will push further into the mainstream, according to James Draper, CEO of Bidstack, a company that provides in-game advertising. As other sports fixtures are canceled, stars such as the NBA’s Kevin Durant are taking part in esport contests shown via traditional broadcasters such as ESPN. “The biggest change in how technology will be used post-pandemic is in the take up of esports by sports broadcasters. Esports is … a growing area but the current crisis has highlighted the importance of accelerating its adoption for athletes, sporting organizations, teams and commercial rights holders,” Draper told CNBC via email.

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