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Gaming imitating life: Bidstack adds first interactive story game

October 8, 2021

Bidstack is pleased to announce an exclusive new partnership with the interactive story game Storylines: Passion & Fashion. The game, which is slated for release in Spring 2022, is being developed by the Toronto based game studio Tangent Interactive.

Storylines: Passion & Fashion is a real-time 3D interactive simulation title optimised for iOS and Android. It is a story-telling game that not only delivers regular episodic content made up of real-time 3D animated scenes, the game also features choices that allow the gamer to directly influence and shape their characters’ story.  

The Simulation game genre provides a unique customization opportunity for brands to connect with a large and diverse player base, which attracts a large female audience of Gen Z and Millennial gamers. Products, apparel brands and other services can be placed into the game’s virtual world around the unfolding story, allowing brands to reach their target audience when they are focused and engaged.  

Bidstack’s technology will enable immersive and realistic native in-game ad placements to come to life within the game’s virtual world, helping Tangent Interactive to sustainably monetise their audience, without disrupting their playing experience.

Data from Statista suggests that the mobile simulation genre is a growing market that brands should be looking to explore. It is projected that the genre could reach $18bn in user revenue in 2021, growing at c.9% yoy and that the number of downloads could reach 12bn by the end of the year.  

Of the new partnership , Magalie Zafimehy, Marketing and Communication Director at Tangent Interactive said “Bidstack provides solutions for both non-intrusive advertising experiences in Storylines in addition to virtual product placement. They’re ideally positioned to support our revenue model and to enhance the user experience of our players by making things feel real and contemporary.” 

Antoine Jullemier, Head of Supply at Bidstack said “I am really excited to announce Bidstack’s first life simulation game with Tangent Interactive. This new title offers something unique and is a natural environment for our monetisation solutions.

Building this new partnership, diversifying our audience reach and opening up opportunities for our global brand partners in an exciting new genre is another important step forward for the team.”