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Bidstack expand mobile and fashion portfolio with new Nanobit partnership

April 28, 2022

Bidstack is pleased to announce a new and exclusive partnership with Hollywood Story: Fashion Star, a fashion and lifestyle game developed by Nanobit.

Hollywood Story: Fashion Star is a role-playing casual mobile game that allows players to live their movie star dream and experience the life of a celebrity. During the game, players can shoot in films, date celebrities and even star in high profile magazines. The popular role-playing game offers an immersive story-telling experience and is available on iOS and Android to players around the world.

Nanobit is an award-winning global mobile game development studio that was founded in 2008 in Zagreb, Croatia. They have a team of more than 150 people and have seen more than 175m downloads across their portfolio of games since they first launched.

The new partnership will see Bidstack integrate ads seamlessly into the game’s cityscape environments, enabling Nanobit to deliver non-intrusive and relevant brand experiences to their growing audience – enhancing the authenticity of the game. 

Mobile gaming continues to boom, and this growth is expected to continue. Data from Iron Source shows that mobile gaming is expected to reach $272B by 2030, whilst last year, the mobile gaming market generated $93.2B in 2021 and almost 83B game downloads.

Of the new partnership, Ivan Murat, Chief Operating Officer at Nanobit said ‘’We are thrilled about our new partnership with Bidstack and are eager to see what it brings to our respective companies and our players.

We aim to deliver an immersive experience to our community that is playing Hollywood Story and integrating in-game native ads is an additional step we are taking in that direction. We are excited about the opportunity to show ads in natural locations in our game such as billboards, bus stops, and storefronts’’.

Antoine Jullemier, VP of Gaming at Bidstack added ‘’We’re beyond excited to be working with Nanobit and to be strengthening our fashion-focused offering. This partnership is important for us because it allows us to introduce new premium brands into the gaming space while adding authenticity and realism to the game.

With Hollywood Story: Fashion Star, our native ads are blended naturally into the gameplay without disruption to the player, and adding them to our growing vertical helps us to maintain the diverse audience that brands are looking for.’’