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Bidstack and Verizon Media announce new deal in the Nordics & Netherlands

March 11, 2021

Bidstack is pleased to announce Verizon Media, a division of Verizon Communications Inc. as the latest member of their Approved Partner in the Nordics and Netherlands.

The Bidstack Approved Partner Network is designed to help media professionals to level up their strategies around gaming and esports with inventory that is brand safe, viewable and unintrusive.

The new partnership will see Bidstack offer Verizon Media access to their global in-game inventory to meet growing demand from advertisers, media partners and agencies for premium gaming placements. Whilst Verizon Media will add invaluable experience and a deeper understanding of two important strategic markets to the Approved Partner Network.

The IAB’s recently released Gaming Guide, highlighted the opportunities on offer through in-game advertising, on both a direct and programmatic basis. Native in-game advertising allows brands to reach their intended audience at scale and gives brands unique opportunities to engage with their target audience without intruding on their experience.

Gamers are highly engaged when playing video games and natural and authentic in-game integrations can enhance the realism of their playing experience. The key to delivering brand experiences that are intuitive rather than intrusive is the quality, context and authenticity of the gaming creative – which is at the very heart of Bidstack’s proposition.

Bidstack’s Global Demand Partnerships Director, Yasin Dabhelia, said: “The Nordics and the Netherlands are a vibrant and established market for esports and gaming as evidenced by the global success of home-grown teams, developers and gaming companies. Bidstack is excited to announce this partnership with Verizon Media which grants its customers access to our platform and also strengthens our global footprint.”

Verizon Media’s Head of Brand Partnerships & AdTech Nordics & The Netherlands, Ian Cemann added, “As the gaming industry continues to grow and people choose to spend more of their leisure time gaming, the partnership with Bidstack goes hand in hand with Verizon Media’s mission to meet the growing demand for premium and brand-safe in-game inventory. Connecting brands with people in relevant and interesting ways is at the core of what Verizon Media does.”