Case study


AgencyCadreon Turkey
Media OwnerBidstack
Target Audience18-35 Males


Cadreon Turkey wanted to experiment with a new advertising medium for their client, Subway. The aim of the campaign was to increase the number of online orders and increase brand awareness through native in-game advertising. Cadreon together with Platform 161, the adaptive advertising technologist, and Bidstack devised a strategy to help Subway get in the game.

Image: Subway x P161 campaign in Football Manager

Image: Subway’s campaign in Football Manager


Platform161’s integration with Bidstack provided the creative and innovative approach Cadreon and Subway were looking for. For this campaign, Football Manager 2019 was the best fit amongst Bidstack’s partners because of its long session times and high engagement rates.  The in-game ad format used for the campaign is native to the stadium environment, just like in real life. 


The native in-game ads were highly effective and had a very high average exposure time of 40 seconds per session creating a totally different brand experience for the end user. Comparing these results to traditional display advertising, if 50% of the banner is visible for 1 second, then this would count as one impression. 

Client Testimonial

Image: Subway x P161 campaign in Football Manager

Image: Subway x P161 campaign in Football Manager

"One of Cadreon’s main aims in Turkey is to test every new type of ad inventory that’s available to buy programmatically, offering exciting new openings for our clients. Younger audiences here have a real passion for football and gaming in particular, and to be able to connect to that at the right time, in the right environment creates tremendous opportunities for brand positioning."

Taylan Koru

Head of Digital at Univeral McCann Turkey

"As the gaming industry is dominating the globe, in-game advertising is also growing in importance day by day for brands. This is both in terms of increasing awareness, as well as establishing a bond with their target audience. The key point of an in-game ad is to match the right product with the right game & gamer. At Subway Turkey, being a convenient brand is one of our main initiatives and we believe that these platforms are really helping to deliver on this aim."

İbrahim Serhad Sayınay

Assistant Marketing Manager, Subway Turkey