Case study

Inlogic Games

Bridging the Gap between Real Brands and Virtual Stadiums

Inlogic utilised Bidstack’s in-game advertising technology to bridge the gap between real and virtual-world sporting environments, enhancing gameplay realism and delivering a best-in-class user experience for its global player base.

Bidstack first teamed up with Inlogic Games on the popular mobile game Soccer Cup in 2020.

After a simple integration, Bidstack began serving ads into gameplay that became a seamless part of the player experience. These ads (from premium advertisers) were delivered onto pitchside LED billboards, replicating a real-world stadium feel for players and adding to the authenticity of the game.

Building on the success of this integration, Bidstack partnered with Inlogic for a second time in July 2021 on another sporting title, Tennis World Open.

Three years on from the initial integration, Bidstack has now delivered a multitude of international campaigns from brands such as KFC, Samsung, Warner Brothers, Skoda and many others across the two games – enhancing the realism of gameplay and creating a new, sustainable revenue stream for Inlogic Games. 

About Inlogic Games

Inlogic Games is a Slovakian game studio that specialises in the development of free-to-play mobile games. Their team has worked on more than 300 titles and has extensive experience. They create games for a diverse range of sports, hobbies, and interests.

The first title Bidstack integrated from Inlogic was Soccer Cup (also known as Football Cup), which has been downloaded more than 100m times. The game has been praised for its entertaining gameplay, realistic game mechanics and graphical quality. Bidstack’s SDK is integrated into the title to allow for dynamic ads to be delivered onto the pitchside LED boards that are in view around the action as each game unfolds.

The second title Bidstack integrated with Inlogic was Tennis World Open, which features 26 pro tennis athletes from around the world. The 3D tennis title is available on Android and iOS and has been downloaded more than 20m times. Bidstack’s technology is utilised in-game to deliver intrinsic ads programmatically onto courtside banners – reflecting real-life tennis environments. 

PublisherInlogic Games
GamesSoccer Cup & Tennis World Open
PlatformsMobile (iOS and Android)
InventoryPitchside & Courtside Billboards
Unlocking New Revenue

The partnership enables Inlogic to utilise premium intrinsic in-game advertising placements within Soccer Cup and Tennis World Open, establishing new commercial and sponsorship opportunities by utilising otherwise vacant virtual spaces within gameplay. This provides the studio with an ongoing, complementary revenue stream that doesn’t compromise the audience’s experience.

Retaining a Global Community

The partnership sees premium blue-chip brands seamlessly blended into virtual stadium environments, delivering contextually relevant messaging to highly engaged audiences.

The non-intrusive placements appear on both pitchside and courtside hoardings, weaving the presence of branded messaging into environments where audiences have come to expect them. Inlogic further utilises these solutions to cross-promote other titles within its continuously growing catalogue of games, enabling the studio to engage and retain its vast international community of players.

Easy Integration

Bidstack’s lightweight and versatile SDK enables the seamless integration of branded content into Inlogic’s titles with no impact on gameplay and minimal resource requirements. The toolkit is a Unity Verified Solution, having been rigorously tested and verified by Unity engineers to ensure the technology maintains the highest technical quality and compatibility standards for Inlogic and other leading developers.

The integration process saw Bidstack consult directly with Inlogic to optimise the IAB standard advertising placements within both titles, ensuring an optimal balance between maximising revenue opportunities and protecting the art of the gameplay itself. The integration saw Bidstack’s proprietary self-serve AdConsole platform also utilised by Inlogic to monitor campaign success in real-time, enabling the studio to maintain control of the brands and placements that appear within their games.


The partnership between Bidstack and Inlogic continues to grow and evolve, and since the initial integration, they have achieved the following highlights:

  • An increase of 7.9% in overall revenue across both games (including 10.5% of the overall revenues in Tennis World Open).
  • Consistent brand activations from Fortune-500 blue chip brands.
  • Inlogic’s titles outperformed Lumen benchmarks for viewability, time in view and attention compared to display advertising norms, making them an appealing home for brands.

Bidstack’s seamless intrinsic In-Game advertising format has enabled Inlogic to introduce a sustainable and audience-conscious approach to their monetisation mix.

“Our partnership with Bidstack has been a great one for us, as it allowed us to enhance our player’s experience through immersive advertising that feels authentic to our game’s world. It is always exciting to see what new brand collaborations their team has to offer us”.

Jan Kalafut

CEO of Inlogic Games